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HYPERCORPS 2099 - Cyberpunk superheroics for Pathfinder RPG
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Available when the Hypercorps 2099 Kickstarter launches
on Monday August 31st!

Hypercorps 2099 Primer

This crash course in the Hyper Score system introduces the basics of the rules, providing everything you need to build hyper PCs or NPCs and start skyscraper raiding in the future! Pick your hyper route, work out your suite of powers or hyper abilities, and get on the job with your first gig as an operator!

Hypercorps 2099 5th Edition Playtest

Freelance 5th Edition guru Rich Howard is molding the Hyper Score system to these rules and you can get into the ground floor as a playtester! Take your party from the lands of fantasy and into the future for a few games to try out Hypercorps 2099 5th Edition and shoot us your thoughts!

A R.I.P.E. Investment

A Hypercorps 2099 adventure module designed for use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, suitable for 3-4 PCs of 3rd-4th level [hyperscore 3].

Of all the hypercorporations in the world one of the most unique is R.I.P.E., the organic soap and perfume company. Unbeknownst to most these mages and priests use the business as a cover for acquiring rare and esoteric (but organic!) reagents for their spells without raising suspicion. One of their means to do so is by shipping across the Great Lakes and into the harbor of the wasteland that’s become of Cleveland. The operators are hired either to defend one of R.I.P.E.’s freight trucks and deliver it to a secure location, or take it for a shadowy organization with insidious intent, but much better pay—whichever they choose, it’s probably not good for Cleveland.


In 2052 the internet got a major upgrade in the transition from quadro-stack IPv7 to the hexa-stack IPv8, spurred on with funding from numerous proto-hypercorporations springing up across the globe. Little did they know of the trickery Anonymous was up to, however, and each and every transmitter, quantum cable, and transistor they were using was laced with firmware code that left the emerging Hypernet as a place virtually free from restrictions. The world between servers has remained a bastion of true freedom for decades since, fiercely protected by freeshare hackers. In GM terms? This is a brand new plane unlike any other! Give your adventurers a taste of the digital and break into a Darknet server, try to infiltrate the Datacorps, or get really meta with an adventure inside the cyberspace of the enchanted Veranthea: Life & Death server!

Netjacker Base Class

These masters of code use their drones in combat to cover their backs while they infiltrate databases, complicate security systems, override the controls of enemy vehicles, and more! Control robots and master the Hypernet with the netjacker base class, the masters of technology in Hypercorps 2099.

HYPERCORPS 2099 Copyright (C) 2015 Mike Myler. A project by Mike Myler & Legendary Games.