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HYPERCORPS 2099 - Cyberpunk superheroics for Pathfinder RPG
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Work Anywhere, Anytime

Joining the Jarrikol team is more than just a job, it’s a way of life! Our employment specialty teams are as fast and efficient as they are friendly, and most employees begin cast-commuting to their first day of work within 3 days of hire—your time is as valuable to us as you are.

Qualified citizens may apply at Three Towers Plaza.

Meet our Corporate Staff
Mike MylerMike Myler
Author, Project Manager, Lead Designer (The Face)

Hypercorps 2099 came out of Mike’s head last year and he’s been obsessed with it since (though it became much easier to focus on after finishing the Veranthea Codex, his last Kickstarter). He’s a Main Developer at (and runs the ENnie-winning AaWBlog), a Line Developer at Rogue Genius Games, and has numerous credits (including hardcovers!) with a host of companies that run the gamut of the RPG industry from the very large publishers (Fantasy Flight Games, Paizo Publishing) to dozens of smaller outfits.

Michael McCarthyMichael McCarthy
Designer, Editor, Writer (The Magician)

With a degree in game design, a job in digital education and experience copy-editing an online magazine (as well as the Veranthea Codex), Mike (this Mike, at least) has some serious chops in making words work. He’s also a sucker for huge projects, having created full adventure paths for AdventureAWeek (Saatman’s Throne) and Dreamscarred Press (From the Deep), and worked on a number of Paizo products.

Savannah BroadwaySavannah Broadway
Designer, Writer (The Hacker)

Savannah Broadway, once a humble Paizo intern, has numerous official Pathfinder credits and continues to shine among the third party publishers of her favorite RPG. She brings with her a host of fiendish ideas (like the DarkNet servers in the Hypernet PDF) and an acumen for what makes for a fun encounter that sets her apart from the crowd.

Luis LozaLuis Loza
Designer, Writer (The Specialist)

A tech support rep/writer living in Lincoln, NE. He has worked previously with AAW Games (as a finalist in the PATHMASTER Contest), Rogue Genius Games (as a main developer on the Veranthea Codex) and Paizo Publishing (on the Giantslayer product line). When not working on his Pathfinder blog (Muscle Wizard’s Magic Lab), he likes running and fruitlessly working to dwindle his Steam game backlog.

Nathanael BatchelorNathanael Batchelor
Illustrator (The Artiste)

A freelance artist whose skills range from covers to comics to concept art (as well as sculpture and special effects design), Nathanael’s artwork is featured prominently on the cover of the Hypercorps 2099 Primer PDF. You’ll also find his illustrations in the Veranthea Codex and on several spots at, as well as his website.

Sara ShijoSara Shijo
Illustrator (The Rookie)

By day Sara Shijo lives the life of a normal commuting worker, but by night she is a freelance artist that has appeared several times on the AaWBlog! You can see her most recent whimsical masterpiece on the cover of the A R.I.P.E. Investment! adventure PDF.

Justin Andrew MasonJustin Andrew Mason
Graphic Designer (The Tinkerer)

A freelance writer, graphic designer, and fantasy cartographer from Hopkinsville in Kentucky, Justin Andrew Mason contributes articles regularly to the ENnie-winning AaWBlog and was the winner of the 2014 MAPMASTER contest. He designed the layout and graphics for the wildly successful Snow White, Southlands, and Veranthea Codex Kickstarters (as well as a host of others), and is an award-winning visual designer in his own right.

Lj StephensLj Stephens
Layout Artist (The Driver)

The actual making of the book—placing all the images and text onto page backgrounds and making a tight, accessible PDF—falls onto the lap of one of the RPG industry’s most dependable layout artists. You can find the fruits of her talents with nuance and copyfitting throughout the products of Rogue Genius Games (including the massive art- and hyperlink-laden Veranthea Codex).

HYPERCORPS 2099 Copyright (C) 2015 Mike Myler. A project by Mike Myler & Legendary Games.