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HYPERCORPS 2099 - Cyberpunk superheroics for Pathfinder RPG
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Jarrikol Hyperslims - Direct access with Mason Hypernet Search Algorithm (MHSA)

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Building Better Worlds...

At Jarrikol Industries we firmly believe that the world of tomorrow is shaped by the people of today, and we are lauded throughout the marketplace for the esteem and respect we show to our highly valued employees.

With an expanding and diversified portfolio featuring work sites worldwide.

Jarrikol is not only led by award-winning executives with decades of experience, our engineering teams have an unshakeable hold on the emerging data-driven economy, and our scientists are on the forefront of nano- technology. With an expanding and diversified portfolio with work sites worldwide, our corporation continues to rise to the highest echelons of industry. Jarrikol is the last word on the Hypernet: make your voice a part of that.

What's This All About?

Welcome to the immersive website for HYPERCORPS 2099, a setting of cyberpunk superheroics compatible with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, 5th Edition*, and Mutants & Masterminds*.

Make your living by hijacking armored trucks from the devious R.I.P.E. mage cabal and ravaging the other gangs of your city, raid hypercorporate skyscrapers for a couple thousand bytecoins when the rent is due, surf through the Hypernet into secured servers for classified information, or survive the Murderball circuit long enough for a royal retirement. Whether slaying freak science experiments, assassinating other operators, or fighting the impossible battle against injustice, everybody needs to fill their bank account!

This adrenaline-filled action-packed Kickstarter launches on MONDAY AUGUST 31, 2015, but don't just take the word of a hypercorporation for itóweíre releasing free PDFs throughout the funding period so you can see what the excitement is all about!

HYPERCORPS 2099 Copyright (C) 2015 Mike Myler. A project by Mike Myler & Legendary Games.